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Computer GK #2 Questions and Answer PDF Download

Computer GK Questions and Answer PDF Download

Question : How the dot matrix printers form characters ?
Answer : They form characters and images by a matrix of dots.

Question : What is a speech synthesizer ?
Answer : A synthesizer converts text information into spoken words.

Question : What type of input a computer accepts ?
Answer : Digits, Alphabets, Signals.

Question : What do you understand by voice recognition devices ?
Answer : These are input devices that allow a person to input data o a computer system by speaking into it.

Question : What do you understand by soft copy and hard copy output ?
Answer : Soft copy out is temporary output while the hard copy out is permanent in nature.

Question : Which is the most popular output device ?
Answer : Monitor.

Question : What are the most commonly used output devices that give hard copy ?
Answer : Printers.

Question : What are the various types of computer ?
Answer : Analog, Hybrid and Digital Computer etc.

Question : Define Analog Computer ?
Answer : It is any device which represents changing values by a continuous variable physical property such as voltage or current, fluid pressure, liquid level and so on.

Question : Define Digital Computer ?
Answer : A digital computer counts and answer in How many.

Question : What is cache Memory ?
Answer : It is a high speed expensive memory which is used as a scratch pad.

Question : What is Computer Language ?
Answer : A language which is acceptable to a computer is called computer language.

Question : What is Programming Language ?
Answer : The process of writing instructions or coding is called a programming language.

Question : What is a Machine Language ?
Answer : A language which a computer can understand without a translator is called a machine language. It is in the strings  of 0’s and 1’s.

Question : What does an assembler do ?
Answer : It is a translator program which translates an assembly language program (Source Program) into equivalent machine language program (Object program)

Question : What does Compiler do ?
Answer : It is a translator program which converts a high level language program into equivalent machine language program.

Question : Which high level languages are used today ?
Answer : COBOL, Fortran, Pascal, BASIC, C, C++, Java, LISP, Snowbol etc.

Question : What are the salient features of good programming language.
Answer : Nature of the application familiarity with the language, learning of the language, availability of program developing tools, execution efficiency are the salient features of a good programming language.

Question : What is the full form of OOP, FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC, RPG, LISP, SNOWBOL ?
Answer : OOP  : Object Oriented Programming
            FORTRAN : Formula Translation

            COBOL : Common Business Oriented Language
            BASIC : Business All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
            RPG : Report Porgam Generator
            LISP : List Processing
            SNOWBOL : String Oriented Symbolic Language

Question : Write Different Versions of window ?
Answer : Window XP, Window XP Professional, Window 7, Window 10, Window 8, Window 8.1, Window Vista etc.

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