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Computer GK #1 Questions and Answer PDF Download

Computer GK Questions and Answer PDF Download

Question : Who is called as the father of computer science ?
Answer : Charles Babbage.

Question : What is a Program?
Answer : It is a set of instructions written in a sequence.

Question : What is Computer ?
Answer : Computer is an electronic device.

 Question : What is the full form of HTML ?
Answer : Hyper Text Markup Language.

Question : What is the full form of HTTP ?
Answer : Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.

Question : Which electronic component was used in first generation computers?
Answer : Electronic tube.

Question : Which concept was developed by John Von Neumann ?
Answer : Stored Program Concept.

Question : Which is the oldest calculating machine ?
Answer : Abacus.

Question : What does an IC Contain ?
Answer : It contains transistors, capacitors, resistors and diodes.

Question : What is computer generation ?
Answer : It is various stages of development of computer technology.

 Question : What is Input Device ?

Answer : It is an electromechanical device which accepts data and translate this data which the computer can interpret.

Question : What does Japanese call to their 5th Generation Computer.
Answer : Knowledge Information Processing System (KIPS)

Question : What is Intelligent Quotient (IQ) of a Computer ?
Answer : NIL

Question : What is Output Device ?
Answer : Output device is an electromechanical device that accepts data from a computer and changes into such a form which is used by the user.

Question : Which is most common Input Device ?
Answer : Keyboard

 Question : What are input/output devices ?
Answer : The I/O devices communicate between the computer and user.

Question : Which windows version is now available ?
Answer : Window 10

Question : What does an operating system uses ?
Answer : Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Question : What are data scanning devices ?
Answer : These are input devices  that are used to directly enter data into the computer from some source document.

Question : What do you understand by bar codes ?
Answer : Bar code represent alphanumeric data by a combination of adjacent vertical lines by varying the width and spacing between them. A bar code reader is used for reading codes data.

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